Almost anyone who has had a REAL Brooklyn bagel, bialy, or even a slice of pizza, wants to know what it is that gives the product that unique flavor. Ask any baker, and if they are honest, they will tell you it is all in the Brooklyn water. The question now becomes how one can have the Brooklyn taste miles away from Brooklyn. Well, we have a solution! Bell Bakery is one of the largest frozen raw wholesalers in the New York City metropolitan area, and as, such we specialize in the exportation of the finest Brooklyn-made bagels and bialys available.

What is a frozen raw bagel?

A frozen raw bagel is simply a ready to bake frozen bagel made from raw dough. This means that the product you receive from us is frozen and ready to bake fresh.

What are the advantages of getting the frozen raw product shipped to my store?

The advantages are plenty. For starters, frozen raw products automatically decrease your operating costs, both in the form of equipment and labor. Furthermore, a frozen raw product allows the business to control production without waste, as our frozen raw bagels can stay frozen for up to four months without losing an ounce of flavor.

What do I need to operate a bagel store without actually producing the dough on site?

All you need is a large freezer, a kettle, and an oven. One of the most strenuous and expensive parts of operating a bagel or bialy store is the production of the dough on site.

How does getting frozen raw bagels from Bell Bakery benefit my business?

The greatest benefits are in the decrease of stress and operating costs of the store. In general, a successful bagel store opens shop around 6 am, but with our products in the freezer, you do not have to be at the store at 3 am preparing the dough. The other obvious factor is the authentic fresh baked Brooklyn bagel that your store will be selling far away from the shores of Brighton Beach or the mighty towers of the Brooklyn Bridge. Another intriguing benefit of receiving frozen raw products is the amount of space it saves due to the decrease in equipment needed, this can mean needing a smaller store space or increased customer seating.

What other services can Bell Bakery provide me with?

As stated in the “About Us” section of our website, J.J. Bell has been in the bakery business on both the retail end and the wholesale end for many years. This means he has the knowledge and expertise to advise an up and coming business on techniques and strategies for success. Simply put, if you are our customer and need to consult us on the slightest issue in regard to day to day operations, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us. We pride ourselves on helping others succeed.